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Welcome to the official ShakeIt!-Homepage!
[November, 10th. 1999]: Thanks to RaMdRiVe for sending the briefme-newsletter I missed! Here´s what they wrote:
>>From the "tweak it yourself" department, here's a new twist I haven't seen before. "ShakeIt!" allows you to change the appearance of you Windows taskbar. Seen apps that do this, you say? Not like would you like to have your start menu on the right hand side? Or in the middle? Or move the tray down by the Start Menu? You get the picture. Not bad for a 9K free util, is it?<<
This nice review was written by John Pratt from, another great site dedicated to useful utilities.
[November, 8th. 1999]: Another review of ShakeIt! can be found at Shell Extension City, a great collection of free windows power tools and shell extensions.
[November, 1st. 1999]: A new beta-version has been released to the public. New features include the enhanced Mouse-O-Meter, the ability to hide the start-button and to disable mouse-clicks on the taskbar.
Feel free to download it here (42kb) but remember this is not a final release. Please read the included txt-file carefully.
ShakeIt!-Homepage is now split into several pages for faster loading.
[Oktober, 28th. 1999]: First public beta-version of the new AVP-Release is available. ShakeIt! now features the ultimate Mouse-O-Meter and lots of enhancements.
Download it here (41kb) if you want to test it. Please accept that this is not the final version and you use it at your own risk.
[October, 22nd. 1999]: It seems that a newsletter available at reviewed ShakeIt!. I couldn´t find it on their website, so please e-mail us a copy, if you got this newsletter. Thanks in advance.
Another review of ShakeIt! can be found at
[October, 8th. 1999]: The guys at Filedudes reviewed ShakeIt! with three from five dudes. Read their review.

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